Rachelle Sawatsky
Citrus Society, or How to Make a Poem
19.07.2015, 7pm

68 Broadview Ave
Toronto (on the roof)

The boy had three chances to answer the question correctly. Here is the question? What color is the bird’s song? A. Square B. Circle C. Triangle D. Rhomboid and E. Rum. Just to confuse him. The boy was confused. I don’t know, “Triangle?” No, silly it’s rhomboid. The shape of the bird’s song is a rhomboid. Rhomboid means shape of the bird song. (As said by Laurie Weeks).

After hospitality interlude, Rachelle Sawatsky will read excerpts from her writing and intermittently other writers’ texts, alongside a digital slideshow of her recent work. Her paintings and drawings explore dense, internal narratives seen through animal, mineral and vegetable imagery. Many of these works are generated from fragments of her writing, which is largely unpublished and occasionally made public through reading.

Sawatsky will also read a parallel text to Daylight Recordings (for Marlow Moss) (2015), a slide projection that will be on view concurrently in the exhibition BLIND WHITE at Diaz Contemporary, Toronto. This text was originally performed at Tate St Ives as part of the exhibition C-C. Titled Colorfield (for Marlow Moss), the text takes as its starting point a letter the artist Marlow Moss wrote in 1955 in which she wished she could write about abstraction simply. The resulting text is a sci-fi inspired poem that presupposes what would happen if we began trying to change the color of the planet as seen from space, through acts of destruction.

Rachelle Sawatsky is an artist and a writer who lives and works in Los Angeles and Vancouver. Her work employs painting, drawing, ceramics, and writing to explore densely internal narratives, primarily through a discourse of painting. Her work has been exhibited internationally, including Night Gallery, Public Fiction, the Finley Gallery, Harmony Murphy Gallery and Artist Curated Projects in Los Angeles; at Presentation House Gallery and Artspeak Gallery, in Vancouver; at Or Berlin in Berlin; at Galerie Mezzanin in Vienna and at the Tate St. Ives in St. Ives. Her work has been written about in Artforum, Frieze, C Magazine and Art Review. Sawatsky has an MFA from University of Southern California in Los Angeles (2013) and a BFA from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver (2005).